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At Latitude 44 Gallery Framing Decor, based in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, we represent Canadian artists in all forms of media. Whether you’re looking for fine art, or custom framing, we can do it all. Take a look at works from local and national artists.

Paula Vandermey

Paula studied glass at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. She earned a BFA(hons)glass at the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom. She has worked with a diverse group of internationally established artists which has allowed her to diversify and develop her work in other countries.

Paula explores the technical process of three-dimensional sculptural sandcasting, hot glass, and kiln casting She combines mixed mediums and found objects as part of her creative process to create tactile, erotic sculptures.

Paula’s work has always shown passion towards the human form as well as a fascination with the emotions which animate it. For someone interacting with one of these sculptures, the beauty and lyricism combine with an energy and tension which gives a dramatic qualify to her work.

Artist’s statement:
One can appreciate my sculptures as a celebration of creation, regeneration and mortality. I create my own cultural identity in which the visual codes of my subconscious become reanimated. I creatively reconstruct the past and redefine its meaning.

My art gives form to the soul and entices the audience to interact and unravel the mysteries of who we are as human beings. Touch is as revealing as vision, and when this exchange happens the audience internalize and correlate a story unique to them.

Alexandre Zerbe

Alexandre Zerbé was born in Montréal, in 1974.

Zerbé paints and draws everyday. Inspired by photographs he takes of his own city or from the ones he travels to, Zerbé chooses surprising viewpoints rather than the obviously traditional scenes. He is interested in the geometry of the urban landscape, the vertical and horizontal intersections of lines that make up a modern city.

Whether the subject is a person, a room’s interior or a cityscape, every part of the composition claims your attention at once. Your gaze moves across the image, settling nowhere. In a view through a window, chimney tops, telephone wires and balconies all seem equally meaningful and this experience of registering all of the information at once is akin to physically being in the scene.

Zerbé’s technique is stylized: he usually sketches compositions before beginning to paint, mindful not to “over-finish” a piece as he wants the liveliness of the sketch to remain visible. His purposely discernable brushstrokes, boldly unpredictable color choices like bright red skies, black contour lines adopted from the essence of drawing, and the calligraphy of his signature are all markers of his singular style.

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