Latitude 44 Gallery Framing Décor offers a complete onsite picture framing service done by professional craftsmen using the highest quality of museum and archival standard materials, ensuring total protection of your artwork.

Latitude 44 Gallery Framing Décor has hundreds of mouldings to choose from, with styles ranging from contemporary to classical hand finished mouldings. We will consult with you to find the perfect framing solution for your treasured piece of art based on your aesthetic preferences, conservation needs as well as your individual budget. We are experts at framing all forms of paintings, works on paper, memorabilia, works on fibre, ceramics and sports items.

At Latitude 44 Gallery Framing Décor our mandate is to use archival and museum quality materials in all of our custom framing to protect your work. Whether the artwork is of monetary, investment or sentimental value, conservation framing is a necessary investment to ensure that the value and enjoyment of your art will last year after year.

Matting and backing are the two most important elements in conservation framing of works on paper. Archival or museum quality matting, together with archival backing will protect the picture and enhance its aesthetic qualities. If framed using ordinary mat board, paper art will eventually become stained and damaged by the acids present in the board.

Pictures should never be placed directly against the glass since it easily condenses moisture and may cause mold growth. Also, it is possible that the picture’s surface could stick to the glass seriously damaging it. “Breathing space” is essential and even if a mat is not desired, spacers under the rabbet (inner edge) of the frame will provide the necessary protection.

There are several glazing (commonly referred to as glass) options. UV protective glass helps to prevent the damage caused by exposure UV rays. It is available in various finishes that will enhance the clarity and reduce reflection of your framed piece. We offer a wide selection of glazing options that include clear regular, non-glare, conservation UV, museum glass, and various types of acrylite.

There are several mounting and lamination options available. Dry mounting involves the adherence of paper work to suitable backing board using a heating press. This process is excellent for keeping works such as reproductions and posters smooth and free from humidity damage. Plaque mounting and flush mounting both involve adhering paper works to a finished plaque of wood with beveled sides and front laminated with a plastic film. Plaque mounting is available in a number of styles and colours, and is an excellent method to both preserve and create a finished looking piece for posters, maps, and other works on paper. Lamination, which involves sealing both sides of a paper work with plastic film, is also available. Lamination is ideal for paper items that need protection from frequent handling or weather such as promotional material, educational materials, menus etc.
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Our Conservation Framing, or as it is called, Museum standard conservation framing, is a term referring to the techniques and materials used in custom framing original artwork for maximum protection and conservation.

Whether the artwork is of monetary, investment or sentimental value, conservation framing is a neccessary investment to ensure that the value and enjoyment of your art will last year after year.

Our qualified, experienced framers will help you find the framing and matting that compliments your artwork, yet stays within your budget.