We are pleased to host a new show “Water & Glow”  featuring Toronto artists Kelly Grace and Gosia. Come experience their fine art endeavours as they explore these elements. Save the date for opening night Thursday September 12, 2013 between 6-10pm.

Water & Glow is the first fine art exhibition that studio-mates and friends Kelly Grace and Gosia have collaborated on. The concept for the show developed organically and the name came naturally as elements of water and glowing lights already have a strong presence in both of their works.

Kelly Grace has been exploring the subject matter of glowing street scenes for years. She photographs sunlight reflecting in the streets right after a rainfall or just before sundown. She captures the glow in the evening scenes of fairs and city carousels. each painting is a moment taken from Kelly’s actual everyday life in Toronto or from her travels to other cities o countries. The photographs are used as inspiration and reference as Kelly paints freehand. her technique of using watered down acrylic paint and combining it with drawing is truly her own.

Gosia’s sculptures are an extension of her earlier fine art paintings and have recently become her focus. With every new figure the artist fights an internal “battle” of staying true to her posing model and creating someone from her imagination. The end result lies somewhere in betwen with added elements inspired by neo-romanticism and fantasy. After these delicately sculpted busts or figures are created, Gosia makes a mold and the original gets destroyed in the process. A small edition of the piece is cast, as well as a few of what she likes to call her “blank canvasses”. These are extra casts which Gosia paints or sculpts over top of creating new original pieces.

Both artists work and live in Toronto. They both studied illustration at Sheridan College but did not meet until years later. It was their love for each other’s art that brought them together about 3 years ago.