Mary Lou Jones' doll

Mary Lou Jones

Artist, Sculptor

London Ontario
OCAD 1971

After graduating from art school in “advertising” and finding out it offended my sense of ethics, I worked as a Medical Artist in a hospital for 15 years. after a difficult downsizing due to computers, I went back to University to explore my interest in psychology, what makes folks “tick” and creativity.

This led me through a BA, a diploma in Art Therapy and finally a Masters in Counselling. I counselled in the areas of community mental health, trauma – particularly in the area of women’s sexual trauma and domestic violence. As dreary as this may sound, I really believe that the core of my work is based in knowings from my experience and that perhaps the whimsical nature of my images and sculpture are reflections of a darker side and are a chronicling of possibilities!

My doll work began with the creation of wee children and toddlers. I used paper for all of their clothing and stuck to neutral colours. These little folk were how I meditated about the preciousness and the fragility of human life and how little children are a sort of canvas that will be influenced by their experience so we must treasure them. They spoke for me about the innocence and the potential of not only small children but also of the child in all human beings. And I thought a lot about the responsibility we have to encourage them to be who they are!

My work subject has expanded. Lots of my pieces voice of silliness, rage, sarcasm and humour. Balance,flying, and moments in time intrigue me. My art tells me more than I could possibly have figured out on my own!

All in all, art both energizes and exhausts me to. Creativity comes from chaos – and in my life there is plenty of both!

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